Feb 14, 2016 General by Sven.Heide

During my work or even my private life i came across a few interesting challanges. I somehow manged these challanges and sometimes I met people and I experinced that some of these peoples experienced the same challanges…

So, I thought it would be smart to share my experiences or my thoughts through a Blog, maybe it will be a benefit for others… To be honest I also collected input from serveral Bloggers altrough the world on many different topics.

I prefer to consult as many peoples as possible to a specific topic before I take a decision… well, off course you have to keep the balance between considering the consequences of a decision and the whole time it will take to take this decision, but in most cases it is smart to consult other opinions before taking a decision or implenting a solution. And off course you also have to evaluate the people you consult. Not every opinion makes sense or is smart! But at least you should consider a few of them before taking you decision…


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