My Surface 4 Pro experiences

My Surface 4 Pro experiences

Since my laptop became extremly old school, i decided to check out a tablet PC… due to the fact that i already had a Windows phone, i choosed the Microsoft Surface 4 Pro.  (Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Disk)

I started to unbox the Surface 4 Pro and the first thing i did, was adding a protection glas on the screen…. 🙂

2 words to describe the Hardware: leightweight and sexy!





I also got myself a exremly robust protection case which i extremly recommend useing the Microsift Surface 4 Pro. (URBAN ARMOR GEAR):





So, it was time for the first boot:

the device were launching the Windows 10 welcome screen and the “getting started” wizard… so i started to input all the details which Windows 10 were asking me. And then at some point i received the nice “your PC ran into a Problem…” message with the huge sad Smiley icon… so the devices rebooted and i had to start all over again… well maybe it returned to the Point were it crashed i am not very sure anymore… well, after that i were able to add all my personal settings and the device also succsessfully finshed the wizard.

I used my existent account to create it as my Primary Windows 10 online account…

I made myself fammiliar with the new look and feel of Windows 10 und also the handling of the Surface 4 Pro has a tablet itself.

First impression was good… the hardware ist good and the software feels and reacts good and i really like the idea of having the old fashioned Windows programms avilable next to the apps from the market place like… ebay or amazon or whatever… somtimes i experienced a short Kind of lag when i was browsing emails or Surfing on the Internet, somehow it only stucks for 1 second which is a little annoying if you want to delete some emails… because of These lags i already deleted emails which didnt want to delete…

i mainly used the Surface 4 Pro when i whatched TV or when i wanted to check something only… so i often turned it off and on again…

and 2 times that evening i could turn it on again anymore… it didnt react. Nothing happend when i pressed the Turn / on/off button it didnt react anymore to any input… so i kept holding down the power button for a while until the devices rebooted completely…

hm… not nice but the hardware ist still sexy…

I did some reasearch on the internet and i found out, that Microsoft has some problems with the display drivers of the Surface 4 Pro, which actually causes these random freezes when shutting it of and on again…

I experienced some Problems with my terratec S7 DVB-S Sattelite Receiver… but they are realated to Windws 10, there are no Windows 10 Driver avilable for this device and the Windows 7 oder Windows 8 Drivers will not work with Windows 10, i am unable to use this device. 🙁

I really want to mention the onedrive integration again… I really like this one drive concept… due to the fact, that i use a Windows 10 mobile phone, i can share data across the devices, like for example if i take a picture with my phone i can access the pictures from the tablet, as soon as my onedrive got synchroniezed. I like that…

Update in August 2016:

I am more than happy with the Surface 4 Pro. I havent experienced any crash since months… and the peformance is very good in my eyes, somtimes i experience some delays when using right mouse context menus, this is the only annoying thing…

the more i dislike the Lumia 950 phone, the more I more like the Surface 4 Pro as a tablet… 😉

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