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DASA Devops Exchange Germany

last week, I went to Frankfurt, to attend the first DASA Devops Exchange in Germany…             If you want to know more about the DASA, checkout: So basically, it was a introduction of the DASA ant the DASA competence model and the official DASA Embassadors in Germany ( and
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Sorry for the „Silence“

for almost one year it was very quiet in here, sorry for that! But I really had to focus on other things… one year ago, I started a Business Management education next to the job, this really consumed all of my time! On more than 112 Days (evenings during the week, or Saturdays) I had
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During my work or even my private life i came across a few interesting challanges. I somehow manged these challanges and sometimes I met people and I experinced that some of these peoples experienced the same challanges… So, I thought it would be smart to share my experiences or my thoughts through a Blog, maybe it will be a benefit for others…
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