My Microsoft Azure experiences

My Microsoft Azure experiences

Microsoft Azure – IT Infrastructure in a nutshell…

a few days ago, I realized, that haven’t investigate the new Microsoft Windows Server 2016 yet, and due to the fact, that I am not deeply technical anymore, I started to ask myself, how I could get myself a Windows Server 2016 for testing…

In the past, this was a huge amount of effort…

  • I had to get appropriate Hardware in place (most of the times i installed a second OS on my Notebook)
  • I had to get Hypervisor Software in place
  • I had to get the Software and a valid licence keys in place
  • I had to get enough disk space in place
  • I had to carry this Hardware with me everywhere I needed it
  • or I had to set up a VPN Tunnel to my home network
  • and in most cases my Hardware was way to slow in the End 🙂

All of these tasks I had to take… and it consumed hours and days to get everything in place…

but now, we are in the age of Cloud Computing… so I just created myself a Windows Server 2016 in Microsoft Azure… and it took me a few minutes… well at least to specify the needed Hardware and Software… well the rollout process for the Server took a bit longer, ok, ok…

At first I had to select a available virtual machine template

…due to the fact, that I really want to explore the “Container” Technology, I selected a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 with Containers template





I only had to specify a few details… like Passwords, machine name and so on







for the machine sizing I even got to recommended machine sizings…





the whole process took me less then 10 minutes…





and then the rollout started, and this maybe took 30 minutes or a bit more…








and then finally I got my virtual machine:




and finally…  I was able to launch it and connect to it:




and here we are: Ready to go:




I have one word for this:

lovely! 🙂


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