DASA Devops Exchange Germany

DASA Devops Exchange Germany

Jun 21, 2018 General by Sven.Heide

last week, I went to Frankfurt, to attend the first DASA Devops Exchange in Germany…







If you want to know more about the DASA, checkout: https://www.devopsagileskills.org/

So basically, it was a introduction of the DASA ant the DASA competence model and the official DASA Embassadors in Germany (https://www.devopsagileskills.org/members/ambassadors/) and an experience report from one company who introduced devops in their daily production!















Then I attended three very interesting discussion round tables and discussed different kind of Topics:

  1. Roundtable 1: Does a real “Devops Engineer” exist?! / How does a ideal “Devop Team” look like?!
  2. Roundtable 2: Company Orginsation and Devops
  3. Roundtable 3: Leadership – Challenges in DevOps Environments









The DASA Devops Exchange was a really interesting event and I strongly recommend you to investigate the DASA Devops Principles!

Also take a look at Dierk Söllners article: https://www.informatik-aktuell.de/management-und-recht/projektmanagement/devops-als-treiber-fuer-agiles-und-schlankes-it-servicemanagement.html