Month: May 2018

Barcamp Hannover

last weekend I visited the Barcamp Hannover ( This was a two days event with ~ 500 People and ~ 90 Sessions in total!               Barcamps are usually organized over the weekend, so usually on Saturdays and Sundays. I was lucky and I got a free Ticket for the
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more important then ever! -> credentials

44! This was the last result, when I counted my credentials, credentials for multiple different content… content on work (in the office) or content on web pages or other services. We are nothing without credentials! Without credentials you cannot check your mails or check the news on twitter or facebook, you even cannot access you
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Sorry for the „Silence“

May 1, 2018 General by Sven.Heide
for almost one year it was very quiet in here, sorry for that! But I really had to focus on other things… one year ago, I started a Business Management education next to the job, this really consumed all of my time! On more than 112 Days (evenings during the week, or Saturdays) I had
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