Architectures of service companies

Architectures of service companies

a IT Service company in one picture

A few weeks ago, I spoke about …. getting the big picture of a whole company in total… to actually explain this “whole picture” in total, ITIL Best Practices can be helpful… ITIL describes serveral topics within a Service company as whole architectures. So in total every company should have the following architectures:

1. Business/Organization Architecture
2. IT/Enterprise Architecture
3. Service Architecture
4. Application Architecture
5. Data/Information Architecture
6. Enviornmental Architecture
7. IT Infrastructure Architecture
8. Management Architecture
9. Product Architecture

Within my certification to ITIL Expert I came across this topic and I think this would be a perfect way, to describe a whole service company in one picture. It took me quiet a while to figure out this picture:

IT-Service Company Architecture_small