Pareto principle – curse or blessing?!

Pareto principle – curse or blessing?!

The “problem” with the Pareto Principle

Within the last few years, I learned to love the Pareto principle…

The Pareto principle says, that you can achieve 80% of your overall goal investing 20% of the overall efforts! The achievement of the 100% result of your overall goal would cost 80% of the overall effort!

paretoSo, in the end this means, that everyone of us should get rid of perfectionism!

Because perfectionism leads into investing too much efforts into the product itself instead of getting the product finished. Basically, this is a smart idea, and following this principle helped me a lot to feel better in projects or during my daily work. But what I see more and more, that people are taking this principle as an excuse when they fuck up their projects… J And I am not joking now!

I am honest in this case, I have seen this many times now, and I am sick of this!

30% or 40% are not 80%!!!
So stop bullshitting about “Pareto” and start steering your project!and focus on achieving the 80%!!! grrr

The number one requirement of beeing able to adopt this principle is the ability of keeping the overall overview of your project and having a clearly measurable Goal which needs to get achieved, so you need to know the minimum set of features which need to be in place to say, yes! We achieved 80%. Yo need SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) Goals!