more important then ever! -> credentials

more important then ever! -> credentials

44! This was the last result, when I counted my credentials, credentials for multiple different content… content on work (in the office) or content on web pages or other services.

We are nothing without credentials! Without credentials you cannot check your mails or check the news on twitter or facebook, you even cannot access you phone with entering credentials!

There is always a way to reset your credentials, in case you forget them once, but isn’t it a bit scary on how dependent we are on these credentials?! Today you are even able to buy something only by entering credentials… well, things like this should always be secured by multifactor authentication…

In the past, we had huge keychains with different sorts of keys, now we have credentials store on our smartphone or we have electronical keys on our smartphones…

So, we are already in the middle of Digital transformation, a few weeks ago, I decided to buy a smart lock for locking my cellar, instead of locking it with a traditional key based lock… or a another example: it is quiet normal today to buy tickets online (for the cinema or something like that)…. So instead of showing ip with a printed ticket, we just show the content of our electric wallet

In these days, it is more important than ever to secure our credentials, so why didn’t I invent a smart credentials store tool one or two years ago?! 😉