Workplace 4.0

Workplace 4.0

I am sure, you already heard this new “term” Workplace 4.0

This is nothing more than a new “fashion word” for the fact, that we must start rethinking!

Nothing is so constant as the “Change” and we must align this change with the way we are working… but from all kind of perspectives.

On the way:

          Where we work (in terms of in the office or at home)

          How we work (in terms of ressources)

          How we do our daily work (in terms of: Should me automate this process instead of using this paper based form?!) People working in the Government should be familiar with this question… 🙂


So from my perspective, these “term” should have the Name “rethink!” instead of “Workplace 4.0”…

Within the IT-Business, I already work more in different project assignments as in traditional assignments via the “Organigram” (With “Organigram” I mean the visual documentation of the structure of the company…). So this is already the first point where I (as an employee) have to rethink, when I am assigned to a project, not my boss from the Organigram is leading me. No, the leader within this project is leading or steering me…

And also “Clocks” (in terms of working hours) and working on fixed times during the day or the week is from yesterday. In my eyes, it doesn’t count anymore, if I am in the office from 8 o’clock in the morning until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The Result counts, if I achieve the agreed goals… If I achieve these goals by working during night time or if I achieve these goals when working completely in the office, it really doesn’t matter! If you achieve the goals, then everything is fine!

Well off course this way cannot get applied to all areas, without a bus driver, you cannot drive a bus for example… Let me give you a another example: I absolutely like enjoying a coffee in a nice café… It is already quiet normal to meet people in their with their tablets and huge earphones on their head… like me, I am currently enjoying my coffee too and I am working on this post! And I am not Jokeing! Well, but I don’t have one of these fancy earphones… 🙂  But it is the truth! look:

And this leads me to the next topic, rethink on the way how we work… new technologies introduce new methods of working… automate processes, rethink things you do… rethink why you are doing specific things… I think this is the hardest change for the most of the people… because this requires a high level of self-organisation and it requires being familiar with changes… Some people don’t like changes especially older people… I don’t mean this in a bad way… but always following the same procedure creates comfort and self-assurance…  always editing this procedure means change, change is something we have to get used to…