A few weeks ago, I spoke about agile product development… (

Basically this is a smart „thing“… but what I see more and more within our daily business, is that the huge amount of pressure on companies to more and more reducing the time-to-market for product releases like hardware devices or software products… and that is the reason, why I came to the following conclusion:

…too much pressure on reducing the time-to-market time, destroys quality!

…on the other hand, investing too much effort into developing and testing (over and over again), the development costs will explode and in the end you have a premium quality product but you are unable to sell it or no one wants to buy it, because there are several other products like yours…

So, there has to be a healthy balance between development time and effort and the release date of a product… this is like basic business management… the invested effort should not exceed the expected return or result.