My Amazon Web Services experiences

My Amazon Web Services experiences

A few weeks ago, I decided to investigate Microsoft Azure… I also wanted to investigate AWS (Amazon Web Services).

It again! Only took me maybe a few minutes to setup a server… well I mean “Instance”…

EC2 Dashboard:






Selecting a Machine Image:





Selecting Hardware Details:

…well I only used free tier Hardware…





I didn’t specify any further Details, like VPC, Subnet, IP, Domain and so on:




Storage Details:





Documentation 🙂





Security Options:

I already had a Security Group and so on in place…






And that’s it!

Ready to launch:





I only had to download the RDP File:






And then I could connect and login to my Instance:










Nice… almost the same experience like with azure… AWS has a few more options in terms of security available, well at least this was my feeling on my first time… I somehow also prefer these “products around AWS:

Like RDS, that is their Database Service, or IAM, that is the Integrated Security and Identity Management Service… or VPC as a possibility to separate your Infrastructure…






Maybe I try to investigate a few of them later…