Barcamp Hannover

Barcamp Hannover

last weekend I visited the Barcamp Hannover (

This was a two days event with ~ 500 People and ~ 90 Sessions in total!








Barcamps are usually organized over the weekend, so usually on Saturdays and Sundays. I was lucky and I got a free Ticket for the first day (Saturday), so I also helped the Team on Friday afternoon to set up the location, and finally I was lucky and I also git a Ticket for the second Day (Sunday, due to the fact, that there were still some free tickets left!

On Friday I also attended the warm-up Event in the Hannover Hafven ( Co-working Space / Smart City Hub.

On Saturday we had a lot of interesting Sessions on the Session Board:









I really had problems to decide which session I will attend! 😊

The best Session on Saturday (in my eyes!) was: “how to Design smart Flipcharts”.










Then we had some nice discussion in the session “What are the main responsibility of a “product owner”.

And the Session “agile change / ideal world vs. reality” was also interesting!










So, I am already looking forward for the Barcamp Hannover 2019! 😊

I strongly recommend everyone to at least visit a Barcamp once! It is such a nice event to exchange with other People!