Author: Sven.Heide

Agile product development

Quality is expensive…. it requires planning, it requires testing and it requires detailed development… If we buy something which will cost us money, we expect an appropriate amount of quality of this “product”… the amount of quality we expect depends on the price of the product and also on other circumstance… like the brand of
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My Surface 4 Pro experiences

Since my laptop became extremly old school, i decided to check out a tablet PC… due to the fact that i already had a Windows phone, i choosed the Microsoft Surface 4 Pro.  (Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Disk) I started to unbox the Surface 4 Pro and the first thing
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My Microsoft Lumia 950 experiences

  since a good old colleague recommended me to check out a windows phone, i decided to gave the Windows Phone (Microsoft Lumia 950) a chance… My first impressions of the Lumia 950 (that was only from studying in on the Internet or a quick investigation of the device in a store or somwhere else) were: Pro:
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Feb 14, 2016 General by Sven.Heide
During my work or even my private life i came across a few interesting challanges. I somehow manged these challanges and sometimes I met people and I experinced that some of these peoples experienced the same challanges… So, I thought it would be smart to share my experiences or my thoughts through a Blog, maybe it will be a benefit for others…
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